In honor of the Packers making it to the superbowl, I thought I would post these pictures from a while back!

Living in Wisconsin for five years, we always desired to see the Packers play. Unfortunately, they always play on Sunday aside from a few pre-season games held on Thursdays and Saturdays. Steve was able to go to a preseason game with friends, but I had yet to have the opportunity. So when we found out the Packers were playing the Bears, we jumped on the opportunity.  What was even better was that it was in Chicago, not Green Bay, and we were able to enjoy it with some of our closest friends.

We drove down to the outermost part of Chicago and hopped on the L train. We made a quick stop for some Chicago style pizza at Giordano’s East and then went straight to the Stadium. We got off the train among swarms of Bears fans with a few cheeseheads thrown in. We made the 5 block walk to Soldier Field with a great mass of people. It was energizing and exciting. Both Bears and Packers fans are very devoted and they make it known.
We found our seats which of course were surrounded by religious and obnoxious Bears fans. It was a little hard to hide the fact that we were cheering for the Packers and the dirty looks shot at us like daggers. The more the people drank, the worse it became. There were just a few times I was slightly concerned for my life, but those moments passed as soon as the Bears did something worth noticing.

It was a good and close game right up until the end when the Bears were able to pull off a field goal with just seconds remaining. Such a fun game to experience.

The only downfall…the drive home in the wee hours of the morning. But well worth it!