The midwest is getting hammered with snowstorms and I can’t help but think of our family and friends as well as our somewhat deserted home in Milwaukee. Wisconsin has some beautiful springs, summers and falls but the winters can be downright brutal. I remember multiple times seeing the news, hearing the warnings and thinking to myself, “Can it really be as bad as their saying?”

Sometimes it was, sometimes it wasn’t.

But when the weather people were right, it was no fun.
Milwaukee storm of 1947, 18.1 inches. Yowsers!!

Suddenly I would remember everything I needed at the grocery store and yet I wouldn’t be able to get out of the driveway. My lovely neighbors would snow blow our walks multiple times during the day which I was more than grateful for because I don’t like to be cold. But even worse than being cold is snow blowing in your face at 40 mph. Yes, it blew that hard.

The only advantage to these large snowstorms was the road conditions being too miserable for anybody to get to work so most everything shut down. Steve of course delighted in these days. He’d throw on some comfy clothes, pull out the “Coco-motion” and station himself in front of the television for a good movie. Of course, gearing up every two hours or so for yet another round of shoveling. They were typically very long days. But the sight out our front window was beautiful. The snow was beautiful and perfect, and untouched.

Hallie said, “Mom, I really miss Wisconsin.” I was thinking maybe it was her bed, her toys, her friends…she claims she missed the snow. Seriously? She was the worst about it. I’d bundle her all up and send her out the door only to have her come back moments later because her nose was cold. But she still claims she misses it.

However, she’s fully enjoying the wonderful weather we’ve been experiencing, and frankly, snow is the last thing on her mind when she’s jumping all over the place on the trampoline!