Steve and I take turns putting each kid to bed. One night I have Hallie, the next I have Hunter.

I am no nonsense when it comes to bedtime routines. Books are read together in the family room, where we have prayer and songs. I don’t give water at bedtime…ever. Steve on the other hand tends to be a little more lenient. He’ll sneak back into the kitchen to grab water for Hunter, or I’ll hear him singing songs to one of them. It’s okay – he doesn’t get to spend a whole lot of time with them during the day so he’s always willing to bend the rules for them!!

Lately, every time Steve puts Hunter to bed he cries and cries. But not with me. Steve started to see this pattern and was wondering why Hunter doesn’t try that on me. I told him, Hunter knows better, he knows I won’t give in. Steve started to see the routine has it’s advantages, they know what to expect every single night.

So the other night, Steve asked if I would be able to go in to Hunter’s room with him and teach him how to put Hunter down for the night. I walked in their did some explaining and started walking out. Steve calls back to me, “Kara, don’t leave me alone with him, he’ll just manipulate me.”

I laughed.

Too late!