I was walking down the hallway tonight when I noticed Hunter’s bedroom door open. Steve sat on one of the beds hunched over the crib looking at Hunter.

I sat beside him as we both continued our gaze in admiration.

It was a somewhat comical sight.

Hallie picked out his pajamas tonight which were quite small for him and I’ve been meaning to take them out of the rotation for sometime, but she insisted he wear them tonight. He then lies in a portable sized crib which he is growing out of too quickly but every time we move him to the big boy bed his sleep quality declines rapidly.

So there he slept. Looking like a misplaced giant. And as we watched him, a large grin swept across his face. I’m convinced he was dreaming of Woody from Toy Story because that’s the new obsession!

It was a sweet moment. A moment I’m grateful Steve took so I could enjoy it as well. Hunter is growing up way too fast. And before long he’ll no longer be our “baby”. I’m thinking I need to steal a couple more of those moments from both my children more often.