We’re coming to an end! 5 more weeks (if he decides to show up on time and not early!) until we are back to sleepless nights and crazy schedules!

So far this pregnancy has been much like the others, but I’m a tad more uncomfortable than I experienced in the past. I am by far larger with this child than any others and it’s taken it’s toll on me!

Fortunately, I’m still able to sleep through the night! I’m counting my lucky stars.

It hurts to sit for any long amounts of time and my lower back is experiencing a lot of pain. I still try to take a walk with the kids a couple days a week which has been great, but never failing 5 minutes into the walk I already have to go the bathroom!

I’m having a hard time breathing and it takes a lot of work to get a good deep breath. Steve makes fun of me because he says when I’m sleeping I breathe really loud. 

He’s a mover and shaker and Hallie loves to sit on the couch next to me and watch him perform his acrobats. She enjoys feeling him move around, but still classifies it as a weird. She’s overly concerned with what he’s wearing right now…and how does he change his diaper right now. When I explained he doesn’t have clothes and he’s not wearing a diaper she was more than concerned.

Hunter still has very little idea as to what’s going on. It’s just been within the last two weeks that he’s pointed to my belly and said baby. He’ll be more than surprised when he’s no longer our little “baby”.

Steve and I have yet to go to the hospital where we will deliver. It always gets put on the to-do list, but always gets cut for more important things. We know where it’s at…we just don’t know where we go once we get inside the hospital. And we’ve got to get a car seat as well. And of course I’m realizing a lot more baby things went to storage than I originally planned, dang.

But he’s coming – relatively soon. Whether we’re ready or not!