As I take a morning walk with the kids, Hallie is a little chatter bug. She asks all sorts of questions. For some reason the other morning she said, “Do you remember when your dad, my grandpa, shot that deer?” (Clearly having been there when my dad came home with a deer during hunting season had a big impact on her.) Of course I remembered. She then proceeded:

Hallie: And then he ate it, that’s disgusting.
Kara: Why is that disgusting?
Hallie: Because he ate an animal, yuck?
Kara: Honey, we eat animals all the time. When you eat hamburgers, that is from a cow. Chicken is from chicken.
Hallie: (Looking a little worried, even though I know we’ve had this conversation before!) Then why aren’t hamburgers black and white?
Kara: (Laughing) Because they cut off the black and white before they make the hamburger.
Hallie: Mom…then where do french fries come from?