Hallie has been learning about seasons at school. During one unit they taught her about snow. For most the kids in her class, this was a new concept. Crazy, I know. They taught her where snow comes from, and how it falls from the sky. They taught her that it’s white and fluffy and that you can make snowmen from it. So of course the art project for the day was to make a snowman.

Hallie was so excited to show me her project but she made me wait until we got home so she could pull it out of her bag. I sat at the kitchen table, with Steve’s mom across from me. And Hallie pulled out her snowman…
I took one look at it and just started laughing. It was the most well endowed snowman I had ever seen. I had Hallie show it to Steve’s mom, who quickly joined in my laughter. It just struck me as funny. Pretty soon there were tears rolling down my cheeks.

Hallie was confused. She didn’t see the humor.

I explained that it was silly that her teachers would have her make a snowman because they don’t exist in Arizona. There is no snow. That was an acceptable answer for her and she started to laugh with us.

Of course, Steve got a kick out of it when he got home from work. He started asking her questions about it and she explained that they were his buttons. Nothing more, nothing less. A child’s innocence!