I’m pregnant and I’m in nesting mode.

But with no home, and without our things still there’s not a whole lot of nesting going on.

So instead I switch to spring cleaning mode.

Once again – not a whole lot to do when you don’t have cupboards and closets you want to clean out. We only have the necessities right now. I’m not getting rid of stuff.

But with nesting and spring cleaning I had to do something…so I turned my attention to the computer and the thousands of pictures that need to be backed up. I had a scare just two months ago where my external hard drive (housing all my work projects and photos) decided to fail. It was sent off to California and with a fatty bill, the files were recovered.

So I decided it was time to start sorting and sifting through my “virtual closets”.

With 45,000+ photos, it’s a somewhat daunting task. So I started small. I started working on 2008. That’s it. After hours and hours of “cleaning”, I took over 8,000 photos and whittled it down to 1,000! Yes, I like to take a lot of photos. And at the time it was hard for me to delete any of them because they were of my kids, and they were cute and I wanted to remember that exact face forever. Now, three years later, it’s much easier to hit the delete button!

Once I had the 1,000 photos, I could easily export them all as one calendar year and archive them on yet another hard drive, as well as DVDs. It felt good. Really Good. But it made me realize how much more time I’m going to have to spend to get the rest of our 7 years of marriage archived. Baby steps.