The end is near…
And we’re starting the countdown!
According to the doctor, with my progression I could have this baby at any time. But of course that means I’ll go over!

We have most everything ready…as ready as it’s going to be I suppose. We finally got a car seat which was the only thing I was really concerned about. We’ve borrowed or purchased all the other things we forgot to grab when they packed up our house two months ago.

As for my body – It’s stretched and grown as large as I think it can. Every piece of my body feels heavy. My legs feel heavy, my arms feels heavy, my head feels heavy. My belly feels more than heavy, making it difficult to roll over at night. And the leg cramping is no longer an occasional event, it happens every night. With the warm Arizona weather comes swollen ankles which are always an attractive feature! But, with all the bad, there is a silver lining. Steve comes to rescue with fantastic back/neck massages, as well as foot massages. He’s a good man…I’m a lucky girl. Not to mention, he has a whole lot of sympathy for me.
And a sense of humor!