Hallie last day of school-6362Hallie has been dreading this day for weeks. Her teachers started prepping her a while ago for the end of school and I feel as though it has been the topic of many dinner table discussions. Some of the related topics:

She is so sad for school to be done.
She is going to miss her friends so much.
Why does she have to stop going to school for summer.
Why do her cousins get to go to school longer than her.
She can’t wait for school to start again.
She’s most excited about eating lunch at school.

Like I said, the discussion is never ending. And with each passing day we would kindly remind her how many days she had left.

Luckily there was a big party her last day that she was really looking forward to. It kind of made her forget she would no longer be in that classroom. They sent her home with quite the loot.
Hallie last day of school-6374
Hallie last day of school-6380
And she kindly shared with Hunter. Whatever she was given two of (candy, bubbles, bracelets, pencils, etc…) she quickly gave to Hunter. I was impressed. I didn’t tell her she needed to do that. In fact, if it was my candy I would’ve probably saved it for myself. But she shared.

She brought home a fun book she made as well as a book of all the songs they worked on in the classroom. It was a nice parting gift. She came home and parked herself on the couch for the next hour singing through all of them.
Hallie last day of school-6369

After she was done admiring her loot, she asked, “How many days until I go to kindergarten?”
Hallie last day of school-6364
So we’ve started yet another countdown!!