Time flies…and it has already been a week since our little man was born.
Bennett 1 week-
We are loving this little guy. So far, he is as chill as they come, quite the contrast to our other children. He sleeps a considerable amount during the day and hasn’t done too bad at night. Granted, we’ve only had him at home with us for five nights!

He has a high pitched little squeal that is supposed to be his cry. He sounds more like a little dinosaur and it makes me laugh every time.
Bennett 1 week-6085
I love the way his little legs curl up when you pick him up.
I love the little sounds he makes when he’s snuggled up against me.
I love the way he smells, new baby mixed with baby lotion.
I love watching him slowly drift to sleep as he eats.
I love that he sleeps with his hands above his head. (except for at night when he’s swaddled!)
Bennett 1 week-6082
I love that he’s ours.