mothers day 2011-6172
I was so happy to have my mom here for mother’s day (at least for the morning, before she had to fly home!). We’ve had her here since last Friday and I’ve loved every minute of it. She’s helped out more than she could possibly understand. With Steve back at work this last week, I’ve enjoyed her company and presence more than anything. We didn’t do a whole lot. Which is unusual for me. I tend to have projects arranged far in advance for all the things we will accomplish when she arrives. But I had nothing on the agenda this time. No rooms to paint. Nothing to sew. No pieces of furniture to refinish. I was a little disappointed in myself. But we’re just in a limbo stage, and it’s draining on my motivation!

We did manage to make it to Mesa Frozen Yogurt (two times in fact), introduced my mom to In-n-Out (which she agreed was a delicious burger) and she tried the Flying Saucer from Steve’s favorite mexican restaurant, Rosa’s, with her brother who lives here. We also fit in some shopping while my sister-in-law watched the kids which was really enjoyable. Other than that. We hung out. Talked. Watch a movie. Held Bennett. And held Bennett a little more.
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This morning Steve mastered breakfast with a delicious smoothie and a toasted cinnamon bagel. He knows me too well. He had worked with the kids the night before personalizing mugs for me. I’m a sucker for a homemade gift. And these mugs were no exception. Hallie meticulously painted her mug including her name and “I love you”. Hunter on the other hand painted a couple colors in different shapes. They’re both fantastic!

 I went to church to listen to Hallie sing a song with the primary (she had talked about it all week and asked several times if I would be there to hear her. I left Bennett with my mom and went and listened. Hallie was beaming. I was so glad I was there. I left right after to take my mom to the airport.

I. Hate. Goodbyes.
They suck!
mothers day 2011-6212
It’s always hard for me to say goodbye. It was even hard for me to sing the opening song in church “Families Can Be Together Forever” without getting choked up. What’s funny is I’m going to see her again this summer. In June. But the goodbye is still just as hard. I want to live closer to her. I want to spend more time with her. I want her to sit on my couch more often. But none of that is possible. So I take the weeks when I can get them and cherish them. I loved this week. I loved that she was just as comfortable sitting on the couch as I was and I didn’t have to entertain her. I loved that lady. So I drove away blurry eyed with anticipation of June. It’s not that far away!

I enjoyed the peace and quiet of the house when I got home. It was nice to sit down with Bennett in my arms and cry for just a minute longer. Just a minute. And then I was able to pull myself together. That is until Steve got home and started talking about how much he enjoyed having my mom there. There were just a few more tears! 

But Steve knows how to soothe his crying wife…he made dinner; buttermilk waffles. From scratch. Even folded in egg whites. They were the real deal and they were divine.
mothers day 2011-6218
It was a good day. A really good day. Despite tearful goodbyes, I felt more than blessed. I love being a mother. I really do. There is no doubt the days are often long and my patience a little short. But there are also sweet and simple rewards mixed in. Hallie makes me cards all the time that tell me that she loves me. Hunter gives me slobbery kisses mixed with snot running down his nose before bedtime. Bennett lets me hold him endlessly and makes little noises as he’s snuggled up on my chest. They’re small but precious moments. It makes me grateful to be a mother. It makes me more appreciative of my own mother and mother-in-law. We are doing a great work raising children!
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Happy Mother’s Day!