Hallie came home with a little booklet from church yesterday with the answers to five questions from all the kids in the primary. I quickly turned to Hallie’s name in the book to find the following answers:

My mom is terrific because… she puts me to bed
If my mom could go anywhere, she would go to… the Gap
The best thing my mom makes is… tortellini
Mom mom is always saying… “Be good”
My mom is the best at… making dinner

I laughed at her second answer. Especially because since we moved 6 months ago, I’ve only been to Gap three times, and once was last week! Now if you count packages in the mail, that’s a different story!

I got a kick out of several kids answers, but the best was from twin boys. Four of their responses including burning items; burnt cookies, “Do you want a burnt cookie”, burning pancake pops, and burning rice. I’ll take Hallie’s comment about the Gap…at least she gave me some credit in the cooking department!!