We moved from Wisconsin over 6 months ago, and left our home behind to sell. Finally in January we found out we had sold our home and we moved full swing into the home buying process here. And what a process it has been. We knew that selling our home might be difficult, but it never occurred to either one of us that buying a home would be more difficult. Although we’ve been told it’s a “buyers” market, the area we’re looking to buy into is not so. With so many foreclosures and short sales on the market it has been more than difficult to find the home that’s right for us.

We have put offers on 5 homes and for one reason or another it has not worked out. Just recently, we found a traditional sale and we were so excited because we knew we could close this home. We signed the final offer papers the day before we had Bennett and went through the process. We got the inspection done, which came back great. We moved forward with our loan – also great. We arranged to have all of our stuff delivered which I was more than excited about.

Then, with just 10 days before closing we got word from our lender that the appraisal came in considerably lower than the asking price. Devastated. That’s the problem with a traditional sale today, they’re over priced. We knew this house was a little overpriced, but we were willing to pay it because nothing else was working out for us and we were confident the deal would actually close! We were wrong. With the appraisal so low, we had to go back to the seller and renegotiate. But she wouldn’t budge. Not a single dollar. So that was it. Just like that the deal was canceled. Once again…devastated. We just want to be in our home, with our own stuff. And it looks like we have to start all over again. Square one.

But there was still one thing looming over us. All of our stuff in storage. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but we were paying $55 a day. That is not a typo. Our stuff in storage for a month would be equivalent to a mortgage payment. Our stuff was stored in a corporate facility by the relocation company. If we were to buy a home, they would move all of our stuff into a home and rebuild all the beds, tables, trampoline, shelving units…anything they took apart when they packed. Steve’s company took care of the bill for the first three months. As of last week, our three months was done and we started paying. Not fun!

So we made the decision to have all of our stuff moved here.
Moving Day-6610
This means we will have to turn around and move everything again and we will have to rebuild all the furniture, but at least we’re not paying an absurd amount daily! Of course Steve’s parent’s house is a fully furnished home, so we moved the majority of our stuff into the garage, with all of our wood furniture moved into the basement. It took the moving company 4 men and five hours to complete the process and they didn’t even rebuild the furniture. We’re not looking forward to having to move all that stuff again!
Moving Day-6611
It was so fun to see all our stuff again. Made me wish more than anything I could start unpacking all the boxes!

What made me homesick more than anything was the smell. As they opened the first crate filled with our stuff, the smell of our home was overwhelming. Then as they packed the garage and basement the smell lingered. I like walking down to the basement right now just for the smell. If I shut my eyes for just a moment I am transported back and all the memories come flooding in. It makes me more excited than ever to find a house to call home. To be settled.

For right now, we’re just settled temporarily with the garage filled to the brim. But at least we feel settled. Things could definitely be worse!! We’re counting our blessings.