We ventured out to the Schnepf Farm Peach Festival last weekend.

We stopped in at the tasting tent and tried everything peach: peach licorice, peach popcorn, peach syrup…jelly, cobbler, gummi bears, salsa. It was just peachy! I have to say, I was quite a fan of the peach popcorn and peach salsa, as weird as both of those sound, they were pretty tasty.

Hallie wasn’t feeling great as her head cold immediately escalated the minute we were out in the heat, (what kind of parents are we??) so we didn’t get to spend nearly as much time as we originally planned. We never made it to the carnival-like rides and we didn’t pick any peaches. We did stop for lunch at the “peachy pancake” bar. Wow, it was delicious. The peaches were to die for fresh and they were mounded so well on top of the largest pancake I’ve ever had! It was good. Really good. It made me wish more than anything that we could go pick a lot of peaches. But Hallie’s dismal state required us to return home.
Peach Festival-6633
But we’ll be back next year for sure!
Peach Festival-6629