We went to the state track meet to watch our nephew pole vault. With all the family cheering him on, he vaulted 15 ft and took 2nd place in the state. I was more than impressed.
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I’ve never understood people’s desire to pole vault. Run as fast as you can holding a really long pole and use all your body strength to propel yourself up and over a pole (fifteen feet up in the air), feet first and land in a pit. I don’t understand it, but those that can do it I give props to.

(Steve was a pole vaulter in high school; what I would give to be able to see him vault just one time.)
Steve Toro-
So to watch our nephew do so well was fun. He of course was hoping to go higher but he had a slight handicap. Several weeks back, he was involved in an accident which broke his collarbone and required a surgery inserting a plate and screws. He missed out on a season of vaulting and at the end of the season, he vaulted in a meet to qualify for state on a still very broken collarbone. I found myself holding my breath with every jump just praying he didn’t land on it funny and hurt it again. And even with an injured collarbone he managed to pull off second place – he rocks!
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