Bennett 5 weeks-
We’ve made it to the one-month mark…

Life is starting to set in just a little bit more. And it’s good.
Bennett 5 weeks-6949
As you can see from the picture, Bennett is a healthy boy who loves to eat. His “elephant knees” are starting to fade and his face is filling out.

He has some killer projectile spit up. At first it was an occasional thing, but it’s starting to become much more regular. He gets such great distance, he usually doesn’t get any on him, even while lying down!!

We’re still trying to get him to sleep better at night and to start his night sleep before midnight.

His baby acne is in full force yet it doesn’t seem to bother him.

He enjoys his tummy time and tends to doze off during it!

He sleeps in a laundry basket in his crib. No joke. It’s more snug in the basket than the crib, but we’re going to have to change that soon because he’s getting too tall!

He has clogged tear ducts on both eyes which makes for a lot of discharge and crusty eyes. Hunter had the same thing in one eye and it took months to clear up.

So far, he has survived “playing” with Hunter. It would be an under statement to say Hunter is excited to have a playmate.

He is decent with the pacifier, but doesn’t need it a whole lot. Usually right before eating he’ll take it, but has a hard time keeping it in. He’s getting a little better.

He is a happy and content baby. We couldn’t be more grateful! We love this little guy!
Bennett 5 weeks-6937
FYI: Because so many people have asked…I photograph Bennett in a white onesie every week on a blanket or piece of fabric, and then I photoshop the week on the onesie! The secret is out…