We are back home again after being away for 2 1/2 weeks. Along our journeys, my beloved camera became very ill (i.e. got knocked off the table and broke the lens right off.) It is currently in California where I’m hoping someone will be able to breathe life into it once again. However it makes my weekly photos of Bennett slightly more difficult. Fortunately, we have a small point and shoot camera that I can use, but it’s just not the same. The quality isn’t quite there and it doesn’t fire nearly as quickly as the other. But at least I can keep documenting. So here is week 9 in all its low quality glory…
9 weeks-
Bennett is now 2 months old! So much has changed, yet much of it is still the same.
He was a trooper on our recent trip. Over 40 hours in the car and very little of it was spent crying. Thank heavens for tender mercies!
We’ve had a few rough nights as far as sleeping goes but as of lately we’re in a better place. Unfortunately, we do make him cry it out to start the night off, but it results in a much better sleep for all of us!
He’s starting to smile a lot more. Hallie will sit and talk to him and play with him and gets such a kick out of it when he smiles back.
He is very aware of everything around him and he takes in the world through his big blue eyes.
He holds his head up pretty well and we’ve even tried him out in the bumbo chair already.
He has become more needy lately. I’m still trying to figure him out. He’ll eat, sleep and be clean yet he still cries…a lot. I will hold him and he still cries. Its just weird. I’m not sure if he’s in pain or what the deal is, but I’m hoping it’s just a quick phase and he grows out of it soon!
He’s still not a strong pacifier kid which I’m bummed about. He’s also not a finger sucker.
He sleeps in a sack-like swaddle called the “woombie”. I love it. So much better than the SwaddleMe we used with the previous kids.
He had so many people that love him and always want to hold him. He’s once blessed kid!!