Steve and I had a fairly low-key Memorial Day Weekend planned; a family movie night, swimming, bbq, swimming and probably more swimming. But then a better plan presented itself with Steve’s sister.

Naturally, I would’ve said no. I’m typically not a last minute person, especially for weekend trips such as this. I need more time to plan and arrange everything, to make sure everything is in order. But luckily I am married to a more spontaneous person than myself. So we rearranged the few things we had to do and jumped at the chance to go the their cabin up north.

It pays to be spontaneous at times. We had a great time.

Their cabin sits in a resort like setting on a golf course with a play area for kids, tennis, swimming, game center.

There was something for everyone.
The first day we were there the kids got their fill of unlimited cotton candy and sno cones. I had to limit Hallie and Hunter as I could see their teeth were going to be permanently stained red and blue. Our niece Allie on the other hand had no limits. I lost count of how many bags of cotton candy she ate.
Memorial Day-6755
Memorial Day-6768
Memorial Day-6762
Steve enjoyed some rounds of golf and we both enjoyed some tennis. It has been almost a year since I participated in any real physical activity (thanks to pregnancy) so it felt good to pick up a racket. It also made me realize how out of shape I am!!
Memorial Day-6770
Swimming was fun, but it was a windy day, so the kids didn’t last long.

And although we loved spending time outside, we also loved the time we spent relaxing in the cabin. We played games, watched movies, ate good food and had a good time together.
 Memorial Day-6783
Memorial Day-6792
Memorial Day-6791
Memorial Day-6786

We even made it out to see Kung Fu Panda 2 one evening.

We had such a fun time – it was a great weekend!
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