The neighbor has a peach tree that has an abnormally large branch that hangs over the fence. Normally, one would not be pleased with an obnoxious branch that the neighbor neglects, but let me tell you there is no complaining here.

You see, the branch is overloaded with peaches. I didn’t even know you could grow peaches here. But you can! And although they’re not huge, they are delicious. I repeat: Delicious. I could easily sit by the pool, watch the kidlings swim around and partake of the goodness for hours on end. The only drawback is the slight stomach ache upon completing said task. But worth it.

I’m bummed out that I didn’t realize how good they were until now because they are ripe. They are quickly turning over-ripe. I better schedule more “pool time” to increase my consumption.

And who says you can’t get a free lunch/snack??