I received a surprise box in the mail just after Bennett was born. I recognized the return address as one of my good friends from Wisconsin but had no idea as to what was in the box.

I quickly opened it and found a box full of tissue paper and gifts.  I knew immediately what the box was. “Shower in a box” as one of my friends coined the phrase a while back. We had a friend who had moved from the area and was having her first baby. As much as we would’ve loved to have thrown her a shower she no longer lived near us. So we sent her a “shower in a box”.
Baby Shower-6735
As soon as I saw all the wrappings I knew I had received that special “shower in a box.” I opened each package making note of each amazing friend who had contributed to the box. Everyone was more than generous and I felt more than loved. I was reminded of all those special people we left behind when we made the move from Milwaukee. Immediately, memories came flooding back and I was more homesick for every single one of those friends than I had ever been. They were all so great and I missed them dearly. It was exactly what I needed at a time when I felt displaced and not myself.

To know some friends were thinking about me at that time was worth more than any of them will ever know. I am grateful for such wonderful people in my life. I love you all.