While my mom was in town we ventured to downtown Tempe to check out the area. We originally went to rent a paddle boat but once we got there we realized with two small children we might be in for more of a workout than we anticipated. We found a small splash park next to the rental place but quickly realized that we didn’t bring swimsuits for the kids. We debated whether we just leave the area and head to a nice dinner, or let the kids enjoy the park in their clothes. Steve and I are typically not the type to endorse the latter. But we let the kids decided what they wanted to do. You can tell which they chose.
Bennett One Month-6134
What was so funny was the reluctance of the kids to actually get their clothes wet. We told them multiple times it was okay to get wet. But they wouldn’t do it.
Bennett One Month-6126
So then we told them they could only put their feet in,  and of course with that instruction they ended up getting completely wet.
Bennett One Month-6150
Bennett One Month-6143
We’re hoping to make it back sometime soon with swimsuits and towels in tow!