Bennett is officially three months old…today! I am amazed every day that he has survived his loving older brother, seriously!
Bennett 13 weeks-
Hallie continues to love him to pieces. She is such a big help and is the first one to run to him when he’s crying.

Bennett is officially our largest child to date, not that he’s breaking any records, but he is our largest.

We continue to swaddle him and that is the only way he gets a good rest. He does sleep like a champ at night, we’re still working on daytime naps.
Bennett 13 weeks-7975
We switched pacifiers on him which is working out a lot better.

He loves to be held. And when he’s not being held, he makes sure to scream loud enough that you don’t forget he’s there.

He’s a fantastic babbler – he talks and talks and all the ladies in Relief Society just think the world of him!

He is a smiley boy – especially – when he is tickled under his chin.
Bennett 13 weeks-7933
He sat through many swim lessons this month and the little boy was a sweat machine. It is Arizona, in July and we’ve had to wash his carseat a number of times!

He loves his hands: licking, sucking and slamming them against his face.

He still sleeps in the laundry room in a portable crib. We’re hoping we find a house by the time he needs to be in a twin bed. 🙂

He still has a large birthmark in the back of his head. Which seems to be growing proportionately with his head. Luckily, once his hair grows in it won’t be noticeable, but when he starts to bald…
Bennett 13 weeks-7950
We love our little “Bennett-Bennett-Boop-Boop.”