After Aspen Grove we drove up to Idaho to visit with my family. You see, I graduated in 2001 which means I graduated 10 years ago. That seems so long ago! Is it cliche to say I don’t feel that old? Anyway, it just so happened that my reunion was the weekend our Aspen Grove trip ended so it was perfect timing for me drive the couple extra hours from Utah to Idaho and attend. Not that I wanted my classmates to see me for the first time in 10 years just weeks after I had a baby – but I can’t ask for ideal timing on everything right? My friend reminded me that it was better than being pregnant with twins which was her situation. She had a good point!

Being from a small town, we had a very small class. I believe there was 120 of us total that graduated – 60 of those people were with me all the way from Kindergarten to graduation. It was that small. With a class that small you got to know them really well…at times too well, but I love them still the same.

I played sports with several of these girls which meant we spent a lot of time together. Three sports a year for four years means a lot of time practicing, playing games and riding on buses.

We also traveled together for different organizations both by land and by air. We went to Philadelphia, Washington DC, Minneapolis and San Diego. (We even crossed the border into Mexico which I’m not sure we could get away with today!)

Those were the good ol’ days! The days when we looked forward to pirate Fridays (extended lunch hour), nutrition break (yes we had a 15 minute break in the morning for a healthy snack!) and assemblies. We’d eat lunch at friends houses, toilet paper the same kids house for every birthday and attend every basketball game.

We had triumphs, we had failures, we had laughs and plenty of tears. But I wouldn’t trade it. I loved high school and it was because of the people I attended with. To go back and see them again was fun. Some I hadn’t seen since we threw our caps on graduation, others are my very best friends and I’m able to see them each time I go to Idaho to visit.

We met for an afternoon in the park with our kids, but we were rained out within 20 minutes of arriving. We met back up that evening for a dinner at the golf course. Steve was such a great sport through the whole thing. He couldn’t get over the fact that I still knew the names of everyone in my class! I was wishing the weather had been better- we didn’t have a whole lot of time to mix and mingle, so we pretty much talked with the same people the majority of the time because that’s who we sat next to at dinner, but what can you do?

I was bummed that my camera was broken so sadly this is the only picture I have (which was given to me by a friend) of the reunion. Here is the group. (including those with spouses in attendance, I told you it was a small class!)
They had these pirate decorations that I took home for Hallie and Hunter to enjoy! A little Pirate Pride!
Father's Day-7642
Father's Day-7641
Father's Day-7640
An old chant comes to mind when I see these pictures: We are the pirates, the mighty mighty pirates, don’t you forget!

Intimidating I know!