What a reason to celebrate!! The father of my children, the father of my husband, my own father and all the many fathers we know and love. What a blessing it is to be surround by such wonderful men.

As many are fully aware – Steve kills it as a father! He takes his role very seriously and I love him for that. The kids adore him and spend every evening waiting anxiously for his arrival home.

Steve is always the one down on the ground playing “horsey” or throwing them around in the pool. He loves his “daddy-daughter” dates with Hallie and continues to remind me how cool it’s going to be when he can take his sons to a baseball game. Even after he works a long day, he is still right by those kids side building a relationship with them and I think it’s great. I think he’s great!
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Father's Day-7601
I was lucky to be visiting my parents on Father’s Day. It’s been several years since I could celebrate the day with my dad. Although I never took a whole lot of interest in his favorite hobbies (Hunting and fishing, although I did take the hunter’s safety course!) but he took an interest in mine. He was by my side throughout endless seasons of sports, taped many of my ankles (many) and even stood on the sidelines as my coach several times. He’s my go-to man for any car and remodeling questions and even stood by my side as we ripped apart our bathroom a year ago. I love him dearly and so happy to call him “dad”.
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Father's Day-7625
My sister and two brothers were also there to share in the festivities. We had a scrumptious breakfast to celebrate fathers – the full meal deal and a tasty lunch before Steve left for the airport to fly home.