Who wouldn’t want to turn 30 when 30 looks this good…
Happy Birthday Steve-1552
It is true – Steve is no longer in his 20’s. This is a big year for him as far as birthday’s go. And wouldn’t you know it, he vetoed my party plans! He pulled the “it’s my birthday” card and didn’t want the stress of a party right before going out of town. I had already bought the decorations, already came up with the menu – and I was still vetoed. I like to think of it as just postponing the party as opposed to canceling it. You have to celebrate your 30th birthday, I don’t care who you are! So once things settle down here, perhaps in August, the party planning will continue. Until then, we will celebrate with an ice cream oreo cake, a happy birthday banner and a birthday bucket.

Here are some things I love about Steve-
He still makes me laugh. You’d think after so many years I would get tired of his jokes, but I don’t. He keeps getting funnier.

He understands me…as complex as I may be, he still understands me. The only disadvantage to this is he is beginning to understand my tactics of manipulation far better than he used to. This keeps me on my toes! 🙂

He loves family. He loves our family. He loves his family. He loves my family. The more family the better.

He is very sensitive (what every woman dreams of in a man) and understands the needs of other people. He is also very perceptive of my feelings and concern.

He is playful with our children. There’s horsey rides and there’s baseball and there’s book reading and game playing. He rarely says no at a request from Hallie when he is around.

He knows how to clean a kitchen and he does it often.

He puts up with all of my projects (finished and unfinished) which I know is difficult for him.

He still shows his love for me daily. The picture says it all!