Speaking of birthdays…

We celebrated my half birthday in June. Half birthday you ask? Why yes!

When your birthday is celebrated within 10 days of your anniversary, Christmas and New Years, half birthdays become much more enjoyable to celebrate. I’ve always felt bad for Steve during the month of December. For a man who hates shopping as much as Steve does, December makes him want to scratch his eyes out! We’ve always talked about celebrating my birthday at another time, but we just haven’t done it.

This last December must have put Steve over the edge because he surprised me with my half birthday celebration. He took care of breakfast (delivered to me in bed), dinner (pizza), cake and ice cream (costco), and the invites (family). He bought gifts and decorated the kitchen in our usual birthday set up. And to top it off, it was all a surprise. It was fantastic. I have never celebrated my birthday while the sun was shining (thanks to a dead-of-winter birthday) and I have to say, I liked it a lot!

I think I can get used to a June birthday.