I love spending time in Idaho with my parents, and I loved it even more this go around knowing I was leaving behind the heat of Arizona. I wasn’t there for as long as I normally am because we’re making another trip back up at the end of July to meet up with all of my family and our friends from Nebraska but the time I did have I thoroughly enjoyed!

Highlights include:
•My dad taking Hallie and Hunter on a four-wheel adventure on the hills behind my parents house. They were gone for quite a while and I was a little nervous my kids would drive my dad bonkers, but they all came back with smiles on their faces. They also came back with a pocket full of treasures (a.k.a shell cases – all shapes and sizes!)

•Hunter screaming like a girl every time the dog came remotely close to him or barked loud. Even better was when the dog knocked him down, he could barely breathe he was screaming so hard.

•Seeing family – My sister was visiting from college with a guy friend (who really was just a guy friend no matter how much we teased them!), my brother came from Boise and My brother and his family came down from northern Idaho. We laughed and played games and had a grand ol’ time.

•Shopping is always a staple activity and always enjoyable. However, more enjoyable without children!

•Walking with my mom at night. I would get the kids down for the night and my mom and I would take a walk. One night we walked down to Maverik to partake in some delicious frozen yogurt. I went back four more times that week!

•Hallie is showing quite the interest in the piano, but because she’s still so young we don’t dare start paying for lessons yet. Luckily my mom was able to sit down with her several times to give her instruction and songs to practice. We need to go back soon because those songs are starting to get really old!

It was so fun to be there with my parents. I love spending time with them and having my kids there to share the experience with me. I loved seeing my dad hold Bennett all snuggled up on his chest, so precious!