When Steve and I take a road trip we make sure the car is packed full of treats and goodies and plenty of drinks. I make individual bags for the kids that are “time released” throughout our drive and I stockpile all of Steve and my favorite snacks. As I was standing in the grocery store before our most recent road trip I found myself grabbing the same exact snacks I pack for every roadtrip. Never failing I grab a box of Wheat Thins, a bag of licorice, bag of goldfish, grapes, Gatorade and a couple of Sobes. It is an automatic response. It’s the same every time.

What’s funny is the Wheat Thins and licorice were a family staple on road trips growing up. I remember very vividly driving to Montana as a family and my dad would pull out the mixed bag of Red Vines (red and black). He would give us the option to have one red piece of licorice, or three black. I didn’t have a preference either way, so I always went for the black. I don’t think I’ve had a piece of black licorice since my last family road trip years ago. And I’m not sure I would even eat a piece of black licorice today, but I am a huge fan of a good, soft piece of red licorice. It has to be Red Vines. (Twizzlers are a poor excuse for licorice!)

One time, last fall, as we made our way to Omaha to visit friends, we pulled out of the driveway and opened our traditional bag of licorice. It. Was. Rock. Hard. I was so angry. I was looking forward to enjoying the trip with Red Vines by my side. This would be the first trip that I didn’t nurse a bag of licorice. Probably better for my teeth, but not for my temperament.

You better believe I contacted Red Vines and let them know how disappointed I was that they ruined my road trip. Surprisingly, they took my complaint very seriously. They sent me 8 large replacement bags of the most fresh licorice I’ve ever eaten, no joke.

I was ecstatic.

So was my dentist!

My faith was restored in Red Vines knowing that they really do stand behind their “Satisfaction Guaranteed” claim and I haven’t had a bad bag since!