Some days are just tougher than others. I had one of those days this week.

First off, it started far too early as the kids were up by 6:30. I have yet to experience an enjoyable day when the kids get up this early. By 7:30, both Hallie and Hunter had been in time out and experienced plenty of tears. Bennett was requiring more attention than normal and was refusing to go down for his morning nap.

I was frustrated. So I sent the kids outside to play. Shortly later, Hallie runs in and tells me that Hunter went to the bathroom in the trash can outside. (For the record, he made it completely in the trash can, not that we’re praising him!) We’re working on potty training so he runs around naked for the majority of the day and clearly he was too lazy to come inside and use the restroom. Cue the cold shower. Hunter is now completely miserable. Bennett is still screaming as he wants the attention I’m currenrly giving to Hunter. More Frustration. More sibling fighting. More tears.

More than anything I want to put the kids down for a nap and curl up in my own bed. I hate hard days. The day continues to get worse. More fighting. Hunter comes running in and tells me that Hallie has gone to the bathroom outside. I think he’s lying. Hallie denies all allegations. But the more we talk the truth comes out. She indeed went to the bathroom outside as well. Seriously? She claims “Hunter taught me, he’s a bad example.” Although quite true, she’s older and knows better. Because I gave Hunter a cold shower, I now repeat the process with Hallie. I find just a slight amount of humor in the fact that she told and Hunter and he turned around and told on her.

To make matters worse, in his fits of anger, Hunter called me a “poo poo head”, “mean head” and “meanest mommy”. Where does he come up with this stuff? When I told him that I loved him, he shot back, “I don’t want you to love me, I only want daddy to love me.” Thanks my dear 2-year-old, the moments that make motherhood so wonderful! (sarcasm)

There was a brief period of quiet play. I was in the office with Bennett and Hallie and Hunter were getting along for the first time for the day. After a while I heard screaming.  Frantic screaming, but I could tell they were far away. I assumed they were outside, but as I got closer I could tell they were in Hunter’s bedroom. More frantic screams, “Mommy, help!! Help us!” I then started to chuckle because I realized they had locked themselves in the room. It had been a long day, really long, and I hate to admit it, but this was just icing on the cake! I grabbed my phone so I could record the event and show Steve. Call me evil, but I decided they could stay in there a little while longer. So I sat down with Bennett on the couch. Thinking to myself this was hilarious, I quickly realized Hunter was in potty training mode and there was no way I wanted to add to my day cleaning up his potty mess. So I let them out. Hallie’s first response was, “Why did you come down the hallway and then just leave us? I saw your feet.” Busted. She totally caught me. I had no response, I just had guilt. I changed the subject quickly!

The day was long. Needless to say, everyone was showered and in their pajamas by the time Steve got home from work. He came home and saw the kids ready for bed, and he asked, “The day was that good huh!?”

Yep, that good.