This little guy is 4 months in just three days!
We won’t have any weight or height updates until Friday but I have a sneaking feeling he’s on the higher end of the scale. My arms are telling me he’s gained quite a bit of wait over the last month!

This last month we’ve spent a lot of time traveling and he was a trooper in the car.
He’s quite the talker and loves the sound of his voice.
He loves to have people talk to him.
He has a very short fuse. He can be happy and talking and within a split second he will be inconsolable.
When he is tired…watch out. He can be miserable.
He’s rolled over several times from his front to his back.
He’s starting to reach for things, but doesn’t really hold anything in his hands.
He likes the taste of smoothies!
He is not content by himself – he needs someone to hold him and talk to him.
He is so fun right when he wakes up, all smiles.
He sleeps through the night (we did have quite a few rough nights while traveling, but he was off his schedule!) and wakes up like clockwork at 6am.
He’s becoming far more interactive and both Hallie and Hunter love to play with him.
This week our photoshoot included a very special visitor – my niece, Brimley is on her way to college this week! She loves these kids more than anything and I don’t want to see her go.
I just keep thinking how much older B is going to be the next she sees him. It just about breaks my heart!