It is crazy to think that I have a nephew that graduated from Standford a year ago, another in college in AZ, a nephew on a mission and now…two more high school graduates!
I’m not that old! That’s what happens when you marry on the younger side of a large family. I love that I’m somewhat close with these nieces and nephews, I love the relationships we have and the conversations we share. It makes me sad to see these next two graduate and head off the college. In their honor, a party was held. I whipped up one of my favorite banners in school colors.
Class of 2011-6738
Class of 2011-6739
I typically make triangle paper banners – but I changed it up a bit.

I purchased 12×12 papers and cut them in half, and notched out the bottom. I then printed all the different letters and glued them on with embellishments. I completed the banner by punching holes in the top and running a piece of tulle through them to hang it. I always make these banners for one-time use, but my sister-in-law intends to use this several times over. So I went ahead and printed the graduation year for her other children so that it can be used again!

I also took the pictures and made the graduation announcements for my niece. (Can I just say, I love what I do!) And I love the way they turned out. Man I’m going to miss this girl when she leaves!!