Better late than never on some posts…this happens to be one of them.

Just three days after Bennett was born, was the ward annual father/sons campout. Steve was excited to go to spend some time with his brother and nephews. I felt Hunter would really enjoy this experience, and seeing as though he is a “son” it would only be right if he attended. Steve fought me on it for brief period of time but when it was evident the campout would be close to the birth, he knew it would be a help to get Hunter out of the house for a while. My mom was there with me and we enjoyed a wonderful sleeping newborn, delicious dinner, the painting of fingernails and a movie with treats.

Hunter had a good time as well.

He adores his cousins and they are so good to him. (Look at how he’s holding on to his hand!)

Steve said Hunter enjoyed the campfire a great deal and announced he was ready for bed after several marshmallows. Typically, not a whole lot of sleeping takes place on a camp out but Hunter went against all odds.

He slept, and slept, and then slept some more. Steve said hands down this was the most he had ever slept consecutively.

Although the sleeping was uncharacteristic of him, his appetite was spot on. This kid can eat. And then he eats some more. I’m not sure where it all goes but he knows how to throw it down.  He threw down f-i-v-e large pancakes. Five of them! He ate more than the grown men!

Steve (although nervous originally to take a 2 year old camping on his own) said they had a blast. He couldn’t have asked for Hunter to behave any better. He let him get as dirty as can be, play in the campfire, sleep away the morning and feed him an endless supply of pancakes. Hunter came home and kept talking about his “camp with dad”. I was so glad they had some great one-on-one time. Perhaps Steve will want to take two sons to next years campout!