We went to the hospital last night to visit our nephew who had an emergency appendectomy. Steve and I enter the elevator to go up to the fourth floor. As soon as the doors shut, Steve noticed the security camera in the corner and starts dancing up a storm. I just about die laughing as I watch him make googly eyes at the camera. He made note that he just made some security man’s night. (I apologize to whoever was on duty last night and had to watch his show!!)

As we were leaving, Steve points to this sign:

“That makes absolutely no sense. Why would they use that graphic to depict valet parking?

I look at him very confused. The graphic makes all the sense in the world, so I question his statement. He points to the right hand side and says, “why would you even put that on there?” I reply, “It’s a lady…in a hat…getting out of a car, why is that so bad for a valet service?”

Steve starts laughing. “Oh, now I see it! It is a lady. I thought it was a rat when we first saw it.” He points to where the rat’s nose (the lady’s hat) was and other features of the rat. I die laughing.

Steve makes me laugh quite often. Sometimes it’s because he reminds me of Phil from Modern Family and other times because of his quick wit!