We’re still in the potty training stage and it totally sucks. When naked, this kid is 100% trained. However, when underwear or pants are being worn – he’s maybe 25% trained.

The other day he expressed his need to go to the bathroom so I follow him in and watch as he carefully climbs onto the toilet. After going a little bit, I offered to help him, to which he snapped, “I’m not done yet.”

The curious boy that he is leaned his head as forward as he could while still sitting on the toilet when he immediately jerks his head up. He looks straight at me and suddenly tears are rolling down my cheeks and my laughter is uncontrollable. There, running down his forehead is a stream of liquid. Yep, he went to the bathroom on his own head. He’s such a classy and talented guy – I’ll make sure to let every future girlfriend know!

I still die laughing as I write this. He cracks me up!