I mentioned Hallie was over the moon about taking her lunch to school. We are two days in and now she’s singing a different tune. She is tired of sandwiches. “They’re hard to eat and I have to drink a lot to eat it.” Seriously?? Supposedly, the bread hurts her throat. Of course we sent fun things besides the sandwich, but what else do you use for the bulk of their meal?

So this morning I was trying to be very understanding that she is tired of her lunch already. I asked what everyone else ate…sandwiches of course. She decided she wanted leftovers. (Which is typically what we eat for lunch at home) I explained that the reason people don’t take leftovers very often is that there’s no place to heat them up before eating. But she was determined. We went to the fridge, she looked over the leftovers, and she decided on Panda Express chow mein noodles. “But you’ll have to eat them cold!” “That’s okay!” “Are you sure you don’t want a sandwich?” “I want the noodles.”

So I sent my daughter to school with cold chow mein noodles, applesauce, grapes, Roaring Waters (Capri Sun) and two oreo cookies.

I’m dying to see if she wants a sandwich on Monday!!