Mr. B is 5 months old!!

(his 6-9 month onesie is becoming a little tight, time to move up to the next size!)

The Mr. is rolling over, but only does it occasionally.

He has started rice cereal and has done pretty well figuring out his tongue.

He loves to chew/suck on his fingers.

Refuses to stand up. We are always trying to get him to use his legs, but when prompted, he immediately collapses his legs.

We gave up on the pacifier. I thought my persistence would pay off. It didn’t.

We borrowed a playmat from a friend – he loves the toys hanging above his head and reaching out to hold them.

He still loves being swaddled. Won’t sleep without it.

He’s starting to move around a lot in his bed, swaddled. He always rotates 90 during the night.

The bumbo chair is our saving grace. We keep it in the kitchen area, so anytime I’m cooking or preparing food he can sit and watch.

Toys are becoming more important to him and they keep him entertained for periods of time.

Whether we put him to bed at 9pm or 6:30pm he still wakes up at the same time. We choose the earlier time.

He’s become a momma’s boy and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Sure I love that he wants me…but I would sure love to pass him off without him throwing crazy crying fits. All of his cousins would love to hold a quiet child, but he lets them know he wants nothing to do with them, at least right now.

His toothless grin gets me every time!