When Steve turned 30, (just a month ago) I wanted a huge fun themed party. I had a plan and had already started execution when he got wind of my plan. He popped my bubble before I could finish explaining the whole idea behind the party. No party. I tried all powers of negotiation and manipulation and even guilt, but he stood strong and said no party. I was bummed. (I’ve yet to take back all the party stuff – that’s how in denial I am, I’m saving it for another party at this point!)

However, when we got an invitation to Steve’s high school friend Jared’s surprise 30th birthday party he was excited. Note to self – in the future don’t ever divulge party information to Steve, instead make them all surprise parties!

Jared’s wife Becca teamed up with another friend who was also turning 30 and threw a joint party by renting out a community pool. It was so fun! We ate some great food, the kids had a blast playing in a very empty pool – complete with a FlowRider (surfing simulation) and we enjoyed some great time with good friends.

Hallie decided she would try the high dive – which I kind of tried talking her out of because I didn’t want her to get hurt and wanted to make sure that she could jump, resurface and swim the far distance to the edge of the pool (she’s only been swimming for two months now) but she insisted. I held my breath the first time and when she came up alive, my worries ceased. She went again, and again, and then some more. I could see she was getting a little tired as it started to take her a little bit longer to get to the side after each jump. But she kept going. Finally, she jumped, swam to the edge and declared, “That one hurt a little bit, I’m done for today.”
Steve also showed some of his mad skills off the high dive and he tried the surfing. He’s a much better diver than surfer!

Thank you Jared for turning 30 and for marrying a sweet girl who knows how to throw a party!!