Hallie says to me: “I don’t like 2 brothers crying at the same time…it’s really annoying.”

I completely agreed with her and expressed it’s even worse when all three of them are crying. She looked at me skeptical, as to if she was really wondering if that ever happened…it does. More often than not. Hunter is crying because Hallie took his toy, which makes Hallie cry because Hunter isn’t telling the whole truth, all the while Bennett has been lying on the floor and is demanding he be heard. It’s an all too familiar scene.

Two days later after making the comment, Hallie and I are in the kitchen, both boys are crying. She looks at me, rolls her eyes and says, “That’s what I’m talking about, two brothers crying is sooo annoying.” All the sudden she seemed 5 years older than she was!

Despite her “annoying” brothers – she loves them to pieces and they really are great playmates. I love it.