It’s a celebration day around here…we are officially out of the “terrible twos”!;

Hunter has more energy and passion than we know what to do with sometimes.

Just a few of the things we love:
He adores his sister and wants to do everything she does, and he is overly loving with his younger brother which we closely monitor!!

He loves to do his hair. We often catch him in the bathroom with a brush and spray bottle doing his hair. He’s also cut his hair…twice.

He’s mischievous. If he is quiet for any amount of time, I get concerned. My concerns are always validated by his actions!

Cars keep him occupied for a good amount of time.

He never wears shoes outside which has resulted in numerous injuries. No matter how persistent I am, he always takes them off outside.

He is a little fish and loves to swim. He took two sessions of swim lessons and that was heaven. He now jumps off the diving board and swims to the side. He only gets in the water if he has his goggles because he spends the majority of his time under water.

He gets out of his room at all hours of the night, so we reversed the lock to keep him contained. When we forget to lock it, he goes downstairs and wakes up Hallie – usually before 6am.

Loves to throw himself on the ground kicking and screaming.

He has had more bloody noses than I can count. He likes to live dangerously and he has bonks and bruises to show for it.

Loves to read the scriptures and repeatedly asks for a specific story. (Joseph Smith having his leg operated on, he’s fascinated by it)

Likes any and all food. Really.

As soon as Hallie gets in the car after school, Hunter always asks, “How was your day Hallie? What did you learn about?” He does the same thing to Steve when he gets home from work.

Loves his cousin Lyla and screams with delight every time she walks in the room. If we’re trying to get him to do something, we let him know that Lyla is a big girl and does it, it works every time. I’m sure that peer pressure is going to work against us in the future.

He sneaks Hallie’s DS into the closet and plays MarioKart.

He’s learning so much, so quickly. He’ll be off the school before we know it.

We sure do love this guy!