Hallie is a words of affirmation kind of girl. She has been since I can remember. She likes to hear that she’s done a good job. She likes to hear that we love her. She likes to hear when we appreciate her playing with Bennett or Hunter. She loves it. Her eyes light up with joy, there is such pleasure in paying her a compliment.

We’re noticing she now talks to Hunter the way we’ve talked to her. I’ll hear her from the other room, in her best motherly voice, “Good job Hunter, you’re such a big boy, you did it all by yourself.” So not only does she light up when she receives a compliment, she now lights up giving compliments. As highlighted in the picture below, she now leaves us love notes everywhere. I find them in the bathroom, on my pillow, in her pockets, and on my computer. She makes my heart melt. (This note was pre-Bennett – it’s amazing to see so much change in handwriting and spelling in just a month of school!)

Now that she’s getting older, my compliments towards her are changing. I try no to over-do it, but at the same time making sure she realizes what is admirable behavior. I make note when she includes people playing, and compliment her on being a good friend. Or after doing her chores, I let her know she’s a hard worker. Trying to compliment not just good choices, but good habits. Also working on not making her think that when she does wrong, that is who she is. Her actions aren’t her identity. (Once again, great council from a talk I referenced earlier this week, here.)