School is in full swing. We found our rhythm and it’s working for us.

Hallie and I were sitting on the couch before bed the other night. She was extremely talkative (I’m sure she realizes that if she starts talking, I will let her stay up later because I want to take full advantage of those moments). She started telling me all about school…who talks too much in class, what she does at recess, whose table has the most points and who she sits next to at lunch. We talk about hot lunch vs cold lunch (they have to sit at a table according to what lunch they eat).  She tells me she shares her lunch with her friends and they share with her.

This is how lunch time breaks down. Evidently, most kids bring the same drink and some form of a sandwich. She tells me that Tatum has the best lunch – oreo cookies and chocolate chip cookies. Seriously? I don’t even want to compete with that! I asked her what she would bring in her lunch for a treat if it was her choice: oreo cookies. All the while, I’m intently listening to this little girl, I’m taking mental notes of the dos and do nots. I can’t get over how big she is while I sit and listen to her. When did we start having conversations about a day of hers that I know nothing about. Her day is a mystery to me and I’m so glad she shares what she does.

Our simple talk of lunch on the couch was just that: Simple. But it was special to me. I recognized it in the moment and I reveled in it. I continued to ask her questions as long as she would give me answers and I loved every minute of it.

The next day I was at the grocery store and I picked up some oreo cookies. I surprised her the next morning with them in her lunch, with a few extra to share with friends. She came home so excited to tell me that she had shared her cookies. It was a simple gesture and I continued to give her oreos throughout the week. I picked her up on Friday and as soon as she got in the car, I asked her who she sat by at lunch. With a huge grin across her face, she avoids my question all together and says, “Mom, do you know what a Ding Dong is?”

I caved in and bought the oreos, I’m not sure I’ll do the same with ding dongs.

But thank you Gus for sharing your ding dong. I’ll make sure to supply Hallie with cookies and you guys can keep making your exchanges across the lunch table!