Just a few thoughts I want to get written down…

Hunter is obsessed with Katy Perry’s Firework song. It is requested multiple times as we take Hallie to school, but I only allow him to listen to it twice. That’s my limit. But never failing, I hear him singing it throughout the day. Even at nap time when he should be sleeping I hear him singing at the top of his lungs, “Cause’ baby your a firework…” It reminds me of Hallie at that age when she was obsessed with Gwen Stefani.

I’ve said this a million times, but I feel as though I can’t say it enough – if Bennett survives his older brother Hunter it will be a miracle.  It is a constant struggle to keep that poor little boy free from his brother’s grasp.

Hallie had a swim party for school and she was overly excited to attend. As afternoon wore on, storm clouds started moving in. I warned Hallie her party might be canceled but she was determined it wouldn’t be canceled. She sat by the back door in her swimsuit watching the storm clouds. The wind was whipping and finally drops of rain started to fall. With tears in her eyes she was so angry that this storm was potentially going to ruin her party, and she says, “It rains in Wisconsin! It doesn’t rain in Arizona. It’s not supposed to rain here!” Lucky for us, the party wasn’t canceled, although they did make everyone get out of the pool for 45 minutes due to lightning.

I’m going through a ton of pictures that I’ve taken in the last little while and they all kind of look the same. I would say 90% of the photos were taken while the kids were in their swimsuits. We have been living in the water lately, trying to soak up every last drop before the water turns cold.

We have successfully purchased a bike for me, Steve, and a fancy shmancy bike trailer for the kids. Now its a waiting game for the weather to cool off so we can use them. We’re pretty excited about it!

My list of projects that I want to build is overwhelmingly long. I’ve already cut all the wood for two toy boxes, once again, just waiting for the weather to cool. After that, I want to build another queen bedframe, beds for the boys, nightstands for our room, etc, etc. I’m giddy with anticipation. In the meantime, I keep going through plans and modifying them to my liking.

My sister (who is a student at BYU-Idaho) is currently living with us during her “summer” track, just like she did two years ago in Milwaukee. It is fantastic! It gives Steve and I opportunities to get out together just a little more, and the help with kids is more than welcome.

Potty training is no fun. I have nothing positive to say about it. It’s frustrating to know he can be 100% if he chooses to be. He just doesn’t find it interesting at this point. I’m so done with two kids in diapers I could scratch my eyes out!