We have made it 6 months already. In some regards, time has got away from me. In other aspects, I can’t believe it’s only been 6 months. (He was not loving his morning photoshoot today!)

This guy loves food (hard to tell, I know!)
He still sleeps completely swaddled
He sucks on his hands through the blanket while swaddled
He doesn’t fall asleep unless he’s in bed. This makes life a little difficult at times.
Doesn’t roll around at all, but likes to rotate around in a circle using his feet, even swaddled in his bed.
By far our best sleeper. He really needs his sleep and I will give up any social agenda to make sure he gets that sleep, we’re all happier if he does!
He really likes toys now and puts everything in his mouth
Hallie loves holding him and she thinks she’s old enough to walk around while holding him. I continue to tell her she’s not!
He really likes the trailer on the bike and is content the majority of the time, unless it’s bed time.
He has the sweetest little giggle that only Hallie seems to get.

Prefers the bumbo seat to lying on a blanket.
He has just a little bit of hair but pretty soon that bald head is going to be covered!
Has explosive diapers – almost every day. Which results in us keeping him in a onesie the majority of the time.
Doesn’t like commotion or loudness. He tends to get a little emotional when all the family is gathered and it’s loud.
He is one squirmy wormy – he can’t seem to lie or sit still.
He is always bright eyed – a somewhat surprised/worried expression!