Behold the apple nachos…no, there is absolutely no cheese, that would just be disgusting!

It always seems as though I’m asked to bring some fruit to a gathering. Healthy, but boring. Someone else gets the job of bringing a dessert, so much more fun than fruit…until you show up with Apple Nachos.

Cut up some granny smith apples and arrange on a platter. Melt a bag of miniature marshmallows with a tbsp of butter and once completely melted, pour over the apples. Next choose your caramel (melt the cubes, melt the chips, buy the marzetti tub, whatever) warm it up and drizzle over the apples. Top it off with miniature chocolate chips.

They are messy and absolutely delicious. We ate this as part of our general conference breakfast. Perhaps a stretch for a breakfast food, but they didn’t last long!