I’m a big BBQ chicken fan – Steve is not. He claims he ate pulled pork one time and threw up. Therefore he can no longer eat anything of resemblance…sloppy joes, pulled pork, bbq chicken (only if shredded). So knowing he would be traveling one week, I made up this recipe. I had it the first night on top of a bun with mozzarella cheese, two nights later I ate it in a spinach wrap just like the way Red Robin does their bbq wraps. They were pretty tasty. It’s definitely on the menu next time Steve decides to gallivant (aka – work) around the country!

BBQ Chicken
4 large chicken breasts
1 small bottle of bbq sauce
1/2 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup of italian dressing
3 tbsp worchesshire sauce

Throw everything in a crockpot and let cook throughout the afternoon. Shred and serve on a bun, on a wrap, over a salad, whatever your little heart desires!