We had the joy of having the classroom bear “Brownie” with us for the entire fall break. Hallie kept reminding me that she was the luckiest girl alive because she got to keep Brownie longer than any of her classmates. (Typically Brownie goes home with you on a Friday and you bring him back on Monday, Hallie has had him for 9 days!) You record your adventures with the bear and document it with photos.

We didn’t do anything exciting over fall break, so I’m sure Brownie would’ve had more fun at Disneyland or on a cruise or anywhere else for that matter, but we did what we could with him. And let me tell you, there was no lack of love and attention from Hallie – she took her job very seriously about the class bear.

In fact I found her in tears holding the bear, sitting on the back porch. So confused, I go out to see what the problem was. She had forgotten to take Brownie with her to McDonald’s the night before…she was so distraught over it, I promised her that we would go back for ice cream, just so Brownie could see what McDonald’s was like. The last picture shows that Brownie indeed was a fan of McDonald’s, it just goes to show how tender hearted that little girl is!