Halloween is fast approaching and I get more and more excited each day. In true Kara fashion I’ve purchased my kids costumes for the next 15 years (although a slight exaggeration, I do have a couple years in storage). Some may say – “But what if they don’t want to be that next year?” To that I say, my children are still young enough that they don’t really care. Hallie has seen all those costumes sitting in boxes for years now, and by the time it actually fits her she is giddy. I understand, this stage is short lived and I should probably not buy any more costumes for Hallie in advance! Noted.

I’ve been seeing costumes in every store and my mind started racing…I’ve already bought their costumes and they’re sitting in a box in the garage. Dang. I could always buy/make new ones but it bothers me knowing I already own some.

I started moving around some boxes in the garage and I came across one Halloween box. Decorations but no costumes. But I had a renewed hope that the other Halloween boxes had to be close because they all sat on the truck together…I moved three whole layers of boxes…that is a lot of boxes…but I came across another Halloween box and then another. After a lot of time digging and moving boxes and climbing up and over boxes, I found some costumes. (Of course many of the boxes I moved I then opened and found some things that would be useful now – Hunter’s helmet, Hallie’s clothing, baby feeding stuff and baby toys. It was like Christmas!)

And of course, since I had already pulled out some boxes of Halloween decorations, I might as well use them right? Our home quickly became “spooky.” Not all decor was located (including my personal favorites), but I would say almost 50% was, which was better than the 0% we had the day before, or even last year!!

Once decorations were out, it felt like fall and it felt good. But I was missing my nice fall wreath. Luckily that could be fixed.

My sister and I spent Monday morning at Home Depot and JoAnns gathering supplies for our wreath. Side note: If you’re ever tired of paying for overpriced wreath forms, check out the heating and cooling section of Home Depot. You can buy these tubes (We bought the largest size for $1.28):

Cut to length – and duct tape into a circle form. (I duct taped every quarter to help it keep its shape.) Voila. I refuse to pay for another expensive foam wreath mold.

Anyway- Kaytlin and I had a craft morning and to say we enjoyed it would be an understatement. I wish she had more days off during the week!

I wrapped 2-3 inch black linen strips around my form securing with hot glue.

Then made a couple burlap rosettes. I topped mine off with a couple glitter spiders (because nothing screams Halloween like a glitter spider, don’t you agree?), which I’m still debating whether I want them hanging down from the center of the wreath or sitting on the rosettes. Currently laziness is winning…they’re sitting on the rosettes.

And there you have it. Monday morning craft time complete.

I’m now deciding what next Monday should entail.