The weather around here is finally cooling off and it is beautiful. The kids are spending more and more time outside during the day and I love it!

But there is one thing I miss more than anything…a midwest fall season. The trees in Wisconsin had such beautiful color and there was such a richness this time of year. It seemed as though each year I marveled at just how pretty fall was and swore that it was indeed better than the previous year. I’m missing that just a tad as I see friends pictures with red and orange leaves abounding.

While sifting through the stack of digital files that I have recently recovered I came across my last trip to Chicago with my sister-in-law just a year ago.

Steve and I had made the trip to Chicago (just a two hour drive from Wisconsin) many times for a number of reasons and always loved our time and experience there. We had made trips with and without children. Trips with friends, outings with family. We never tired of the city, it has so much to offer.

The last visit I made, I experienced it just a little differently knowing it wasn’t going to be in our backyard anymore. Jandi and I had such good time – it always leaves me wanting to come back again…Hopefully sooner than later.

We also managed to see some pretty sweet things in Milwaukee as well, including this super cool designed art museum.

We even let Steve join us for some of it!!

I’m hoping every couple years I can venture back and enjoy the beauty of the midwest during fall, such a beautiful season.