We were in Omaha.
Steve had left his job by this point and he was preparing to start his new work in AZ. He had a two week window to do with what he pleased…we made the decision to gather with our friends the Owens from Omaha (the same friends we gathered with this summer in McCall, Idaho) for one last hoorah before we left the midwest. (These pictures were lost in the abyss of a failed hard drive…and I’m so happy to have them back in my possession, hence the very, very delayed post!)

Our kids are the same ages, but opposite genders yet they still have a great time.
Omaha has a very entertaining zoo that kept the kids happy and busy. I think they could’ve sat and watched the monkeys the whole afternoon!

We enjoyed visiting the Winter Quarters temple and learning so much more of our pioneer heritage.

I’ve decided every city needs a few of these oversized (a.k.a adult friendly) slides. They were awesome – We sat on a small sheet of wax paper which increased the speed, which ended up being a little too fast for the younger kids!

We also enjoyed by far the most delicious steak house (a local hole in the wall) I’ve ever been to, experienced some beautiful weather, drove by Warren Buffett’s home (this is where Steve’s obsession for the man started to take shape) and had some good conversation with our friends.

It’s hard to believe this was exactly a year ago…time flies…